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Katie never set out to “start” anything. In fact, when she’s not trying to convince you that Reveille “just” kinda happened, she’ll probably argue with you that she’s NOT a social entrepreneur and doesn’t have a business inclined bone in her body.

She’s proud to be a nonprofit grunt and individual contributor with her boots firmly planted on the ground, but Katie is also tired of careening towards the thus-far unavoidable brick wall impeding the clear model of collaboration she envisions for Baltimore, the military-connected community, social impact initiatives, and beyond. At this point in her career, Katie has realized that she’s long-since been searching for a model of true collaboration and Collective Impact and hasn’t found what she’s looking for. Despite the false starts, spinning plates, spaghetti stains on the wall, and transiency of her career, she’s fighting to not lose faith while keeping the conversation going and the innovation flowing.

Brick by intentional brick, the ecosystem that has rallied around Katie and Reveille Grounds is building – and then housing – a Community of Practice that comprises stakeholders who are ALL humble enough to recognize where one mission ends and another begins.

Using Human Centered Design strategies and remaining accountable to the community we seek to serve and engage, we’re connecting people, curating resources, and convening opportunities that will set the gold standard for Collaborative Impact. We’re also designing a NEW – but hardly revolutionary – framework for mutual benefit and shared accountability.

As a military brat, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, career nonprofit professional, spouse of a combat-wounded Marine, and mom of 2, we’re confidently optimistic that we’ve done the work, asked the right questions, sought input and perspective, and are the right people to scale The Baltimore Military Muster and breathe life into Reveille Grounds… Baltimore’s ONLY Veteran & Community Impact Hub.  

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