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Impacting Lives & Communities... Differently.

While pursuing stronger veterans, thriving communities, and an enduring legacy of service in Baltimore, we want to prove that collaboration, mutual benefit, and shared responsibility for positive outcomes is POSSIBLE.

Whether you transitioned from service 6 months or 50 years ago, are still actively serving, are a military spouse or loved one, community based organization, VSO, small business owner, company looking to hire military connected talent, or a member of the community that supports us all, there are plenty of ways to serve, engage, and appeal to your needs and interests.

Although our physical location is not yet open and operating, we are excited to make that announcement in the near future. In the meantime, our Muster takes place monthly on the 2nd Tuesday and we have a growing list of other engagement opportunities for you, your family, and Battle Buddies. Stay tuned, but don't stay away!



No matter what level of membership you choose to engage in, or if you just want to pop in when an event or opportunity interests you, you BELONG here! And we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're confident in that reality.

Casual Business Meeting


We're seeking Operational Partners, not sponsors. In return for your investment of passion, time, resources, and talent, we commit to ensuring your access to our infrastructure, overhead, and captive audience as they align with your business interests and workplace cultural goals.

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