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reveille grounds
Veteran Family

The Mission

Reveille Grounds is on a mission to build stronger Veterans, thriving communities, and an enduring legacy of service in Baltimore by connecting people, convening resources, and curating opportunities via an inclusive, collaborative, and centralized hub.

Reveille Grounds

Proud Home of The Baltimore Military Muster

To equip our veterans to climb the ladder of transition so that they may THRIVE, renew their sense of PURPOSE, and continue to be the LEADERS this country trained them to be...

A One Stop Shop for Military-Affiliated Individuals and the Community that Supports Them, PLUS
Single Point of Entry to Better Navigate the Sea of Goodwill

The Vision


A mission-driven coffee shop and community gathering space, you'll feel at home here for casual cups of coffee, studying, informal meetings, and special events.


A collaborative home base and co-working space for any veteran or military engaging program, nonprofit, or organization in Central Maryland. A place for meetings, confidential conversations, and collective impact. 


Military affiliated individuals will be able to access the support and resources they need, when they need it, through personalized and coordinated care.

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