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Reveille's Inclusion Statement

We have no intention of building stronger veterans & thriving communities WITHOUT seeking the input of those closest to the problems we seek to solve and the opportunities we hope to provide. Since so many individuals and entities have gotten Reveille this far, we are confident that YOUR voice, views, and experiences are vital to our very existence. While we continue to build something that doesn’t exist in order to build a safe and empowering place for those who crave what they haven't yet found, we invite you to join us.

We invite you to read more via the blog post below, share your journey, pull others in, challenge us when we're missing the mark, and play a role in informing the DNA of our strengthening social fabric. 

“The epidemic of alienation and loneliness in society writ large is magnified in the vets’ community.” - Bana Miller, Team RWB, 2019
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